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staging.  is it really necessary?


Staging is not a guarantee of sale for your home; however, it increases the probability  that it will sell quicker than a non-staged property. Staging gives the best representation of your home to attract the most amount of buyers. It also draws on buyers' emotions which is an effective factor in marketing real estate.


Homeowners frequently ask............


Isn't staging the same thing as decorating?                                                                                                                                                                                           Stagers use methods specifically designed with the buyer in mind, while decorating uses the current home owner's individual tastes and styles. The goal is to have a stylish house with a desireable atmosphere without being too specific on theme.

                                                                                                                               Won't a vacant property show larger if it's unfurnished?


 lthough an empty room my show larger, vacant properties that remain unfurnished lack the "home-like" atmosphere that buyers desire. Providing furniture and decor to high priority areas in vacant listings accomplish the following: 1) establishes focal points and traffic patterns in the rooms, 2) provides a sense of scale in photographs, and 3) adds atmosphere that attracts buyers to the lifestyle of the property. 


Doesn't staging cost a lot of money?  


Staging is an investment in the sale of your property. The average cost of staging is usually MUCH LESS than your first price reduction. Statistically, the more preparation that is put into the property prior to listing, the less time it will be on the market.Home staging companies are indiviually owned and operate using their own set of guidelines. You will benefit from their experience and formal training to help you prepare their home for the market. Keep in mind that your home is usually your biggest investment in life. 


















a clean home is not a staged home 


It starts the minute I walk into the house:


“I don’t want to get rid of my collections. They are important to me.”


“I don’t see why I need to stage my home in the first place!”


“Isn’t my house clean enough?”


While cleanliness may be next to godliness, it is not enough to close the deal and when I meet with that client for the first time, I strive to put them at ease and let them know that I am not their to judge them, but to help them. It’s not my job to comment on your collections or your personal “stuff.” I know how important those things are! I don’t offer a running commentary about how they live, how it could be better or how they have used their personal space. That’s your HOME! Of course it looks lived in! It’s supposed to! You live in it!

As a professional home stager, my job is to be the eyes of the buyer and to identify the areas that they are going to love as well as the ones that they won’t in order to “accentuate the positive” and “eliminate the negative” accordingly. Remember, when you put your “home” on the market, it becomes a “house” for sale and potential buyers cannot envision their future when they are too busy  looking at your past. Home staging is more than a quick cleanup job or a decorating application, but rather a whole marketing strategy to help buyers envision themselves in your space.looking at your past. Home staging is more than a quick cleanup job or a decorating application, but rather a whole marketing strategy to help buyers envision themselves in your space.



Of course I am going to emphasize the advantages of prepacking and eliminating some of the extraneous items from your living space so that it can be show ready in seconds. Why shouldn’t I? As a professional home stager, I know that a strong presentation can go a long way toward increasing your chances for a quicker sale with a better offer! By putting our clients at ease and using proven techniques to increase foot traffic, the team at Home Matters are ready to help you set the stage and move on to your next big dream!

We create stylish, warm and welcoming houses that captures the buyers’ attention from the moment they are introduced to the property.  We focus on the buyer demographics, the selling features, life style selling techniques and the strategic placement of furniture, art, and accessories that translates to a powerful marketing tool.  Contact us today.  317-209-9801 or at


by linda barnett

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